my name is Velia Malika Hahnemann. I do dances. Sometimes alone, sometimes with other people, who do dances too or who do music.

I do dances, without any human eyes seeing it, still, every move gets imprinted in the sphere, where everything, that ever happened is imprinted.

I also do dances, while others are witnessing the movement and stillness in between.  Sometimes I guide other people into moving themselves.

When I move, I like to tap into the very moment. I like to improvise, with movement, with words, with gestures, with sounds.

I am a dancer, an ambassador of the moving body.


Most of the time I live and work in Kassel, Germany.



2017 - 2020 contemporary dance studies: SOZO visions in motion, Kassel

2017   Basisprojekt, bewegungs-Art Freiburg

2015 -2016  dance intensive Program, Tanzfabrik Berlin

2014 - 2015  TheaterTotal, Bochum


2021 April Galeria Kollektiva Kassel

2021 June LOFT Kiel Zentrum für Performancekunst

Involvements (apart from dance productions)

2020/2021  Raumlabor, Kriesenraumforschen, WELL being Stiftung, Kassel       2019  Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg, Assistant director and choreographic assistant, childrens opera "Martha und der zerbrocheneSpiegel"

Further education

2020 Pilates trainer, Kane School Teacher Training Program, Kassel


2021 Dis-tanzen Solo

2021 Hessische Kulturstiftung, Brückenstipendiun

2021 Kulturamt Stadt Kassel

2021 Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst


Foto: Andreas L. Berg



Video: Daniel Devecioglu

Dance: Velia Malika Hahnemann

Music: Daniel Devecioglu, Bene Schuba and

              Velia Malika Hahnemann


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Fotos: Andreas L. Berg